Nursery Stock

Homegrown is part of our family tradition.

At Wolfe Nursery, we take pride in providing quality nursery stock, growing over 90% right here on our 100 acre farm. Growing stock locally is a huge advantage to our retail customers, garden centers, and local landscapers. It is important to have plant material already accustomed to our severe winters and Pennsylvania soils.

We have 8 retail houses so our customers can handpick the perfect plants for their garden, patio, or landscape design. If you don't find what you're looking for, we will search our fields to find it!

Whether you are looking to complete a "do-it-yourself' project or desire professional design service, Wolfe Nursery can help you achieve the outdoor sanctuary you crave.

Nursery Stock includes:

  • Field Grown Evergreens
  • Field Grown Shade and Ornamental Trees
  • Containerized Stock including:
    • Evergreens
    • Flowering Shrubs including roses, hydrangea, azaleas, etc.
    • Fruit Trees
    • Specimens
    • Perennials and Annuals
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Hanging Baskets & Custom Planters

Check out the Gallery for more pictures of our beautiful nursery, landscape design results, and ideas for every budget!

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Nursery Stock
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Nursery Stock
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Nursery Stock
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Nursery Stock
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Nursery Stock
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